Value Adding Project Management Services

What we provide

Programme and Project Management for any retail initiative programme or single standalone project – from project feasibility through delivery to final sign off and performance review. We will also provide assistance with existing projects needing extra resource, direction or a fresh set of eyes. With extensive experience in retail, from retail operations, area management, project management and GNFR supply chain management (retail equipment), RPA have a broad knowledge of multiple retail sectors such that the most appropriate delivery solution will be designed to suit your needs.

Process Stages:

Stage 1: Project Design:
0.5 days scoping project in your offices
0.5 – 1 day developing the project plan
Stage 2: Presentation of the Project Plan:
0.5 days presenting and fine tuning the plan
Plan approval by key stakeholders / assignment of key project roles & responsibilities
Stage 3: Ongoing Programme / Project Management:
Use of an RPA supplied manager to ensure the project is kept on track
Regular project progress meetings

Key Benefits (General):

  • Ongoing, programme & project management on your behalf
  • Provision to your management team of a project roadmap, recommendations, risk management and continual direction when trying to simultaneously manage other parts of your business
  • Structured project management platform and project plan issued to the company to involve all relevant stakeholders
  • Delivered quickly to ensure initiative momentum is not lost
  • Increased chance of initiative success
  • Pragmatic, conscientious, independent and impartial assistance: a fresh set of eyes and extra resource.
  • Good value: RPA do not carry the overhead of the larger consultancies, neither are we generalist project managers – we specialise in retail programmes
  • A network of associates offering the full delivery solution including Quantity Surveying Services, Design Services (2D and 3D), Equipment Manufacture, Prototyping and Fitness for Purpose Testing
  • Extensive knowledge of grocery, niche grocery (whole foods), pharmacy and premium health / beauty retail sectors and associated supply chains
  • Supply chain design / global sourcing experience
  • Empathy with current retail business environment and internal results-driven pressures
  • Extensive knowledge of wider retail equipment supply chain and retail equipment design: market best practice
  • Flexible and cost effective additional resource: switch on or off, whenever there is the need
  • “Bolt on” assistance with single project elements e.g. feasibility studies, store surveys, data collection and presentation etc.
  • Pragmatism, “can do” approach and rapid response
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